My name is Hanna, I am the founder of Cottontail Company! I wanted to make this first blog post to introduce myself and tell you all about how Cottontail Company came to be. 

I am blessed to have an awesome husband, a sweet son, and another baby on the way! We are a Christian family in Kansas City, and I have the privliedge to be a stay at home mom. I enjoy DIY projects, cooking, sewing, visiting with friends, snuggling babies, Bible studies, tea parties, gardening, walking, nerdy movies, and RABBITS! 

 Cottontail Company was an idea I had several years ago to provide a platform for myself to sell the homemade skincare and cleaning products that had benefited me so much and the crafts that I enjoy making, not only as a source of income but also as a creative outlet. I always knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom, and I began this business a couple years before I was even married because I wanted to build it up to a point that it could be a real source of income if I was ever blessed with that opportunity. 

Since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed "diy" projects. My parents were both very crafty, and also thrifty when they needed to be, and taught me that I don't always have to buy everything in its "finished form". Growing up I learned that there are really only a few key items you need to have around in order to make almost all the basic cleaning supplies necessary for a home. I carried that mindset with me into adulthood and it spilled over into every other area of homemaking and self-care. Having a "diy" approach to (almost) all things household cleaners, body care products, etc, has saved me tons of money and has benefited my health in huge ways. I should note, here, that I have also been a die-hard-fan of rabbits since I was too young to remember. My parents always allowed me to have pet rabbits, so I grew up with them and they have always been beloved family members. Saddly, our oldest bun passed away and his partner has been rehomed so she can have another bunny partner. While we will be taking a break from pets for a few years, bunnies are still my favorite and I am looking forward to the future when it is a better time for our family to re-commit to the responsibility. 

Cottontail Company was created to be a platform for me to sell *anything* that I made because I wasn't sure exactly what would be successful, and didn't want to box myself into one specific category. So for the first couple years I  focused almost exclusively on skincare products. These ranged from facial oils, to perfumes, to baby powder. I absolutely love making them, and love what they have all done for my skin, hair, and baby. I also love the creative outlet they provide for me. 

The name Cottontail Company came to me after weeks of brainstorming for a name that would encompass skincare products, crafts, DIY projects, or anything else I would want to sell in the future. Since I was focused on skincare/cosmetics at the time, and have always adored rabbits, it was hard for me to avoid a rabbit-based name espeically because I felt passionate about the movement toward cruelty-free tested products as rabbits are/were the number one most used in animal testing, which enfuriated me. Cottontail Company was broad enough, yet applicable enough, to anything that I made that I immediately fell in love with the name. 

 I do everything myself when it comes to these products. Only the containers themselves come pre-made. I make everything from scratch after sourcing ingredients I trust; I test everything on myself (and my family!); I design, print, and laminate the labels; I photograph everything and write product descriptions; and I package everything I can with reused/resuable/recyclable materials. 

This year (2020) I have finally been able to expand Cottontail Company to the craft arena, which has been a goal from the beginning and I have had a blast with it. Currently I am only selling tea cup candles and fabric face masks in this section, but I will soon be adding baby bibs, crocheted baby slippers, and (hopefully) leatherbound journals! 

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